WHY US? Since the summer of 2006, we have been inspiring ski racers to reach their potential by learning from the best. We set the standard, with coaches like Ted Ligety, Andrew Weibrecht, and World-Class skiers. Names like McJames, Chodounsky, Kasper, Nyman, Marno, McCloy, and Mahre lead an ever-growing list of top athletes with ski racing skills who join coaches with experience from the club to the Olympic level.

WHAT DO WE KNOW? That great ski racing takes more than great skiing! Our coaches bring unmatched enthusiasm as they teach you the moves on snow, and also share their experiences with mental prep, equipment, fitness, nutrition, teamwork, rest, and all the other things that are critical to the process of being the best skier and competitor you can be.

JOIN US FOR? Be encouraged, be inspired, be challenged, and learn in a fun, friendly environment. Come with a positive attitude and a desire to learn—Leave with new friends, new skills, and memories to last a lifetime.

Photo: David Chodounsky – 2X Olympian 5X National Champ, mentoring his group.